How to make Tennis Games and Drills Fun for Kids

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is a great way for kids to be active

Are tennis drills and games fun? They are in ANZ Tennis Hot Shots!

Forget about hitting forehand, after forehand, after forehand, after forehand (you get the point right?). We know practice is important, but the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots philosophy is to turn drills into tennis games so that your child has fun while they practice!

These are some of our favourite tennis lesson ideas:

  • First to 50

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots players find an opponent and aim to out rally them in a cross-court battle. The twist is the player on the deuce (right) side can only hit forehands and the player on the advantage (left) side must only hit backhands.

Count each shot and when the rally ends, the winner gets one point for each shot in the rally. For example, a nine-shot rally earns the winner nine points. The first player to score over 50 points is the winner.

This is a great way to practice groundstrokes and improve consistency. You can mix it up by changing positions, allowing both forehands and backhands or hitting down the line instead.

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  • Shadow

What do you see when you see a shadow? Your own reflection.

This game works similarly, with two ANZ Tennis Hot Shots players facing each other across the sidelines. Player one is the leader and they must make a range of movements along the line for player two to shadow. Whether is it squats, jumping or sidestepping, this game is a fun way to improve on-court movement.

It is a favourite exercise of former world No.1 Serena Williams:

I honestly thought when I had a kid I would finally grow up….. well let’s just say I’m still working on It. Breaking ankles and making people laugh #shadowdrill

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  • Five ball pick-up

Slow and steady apparently wins the race – but that is not always the case in this tennis ball game for kids.

Place five tennis balls in a line across a court, with a racquet sitting outside the sideline.
Players start at the sideline and have to sprint to pick up each of the balls, placing them one at a time back on their racquet. To win this game you need to beat your ANZ Tennis Hot Shots players at picking up and returning all balls to your racquet.

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots players can also practice this movement-focused game on their own. It is a great way to improve acceleration and agility.

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  • Baseline race

This is a competitive game, but also a great way for ANZ Tennis Hot Shots players to practice their groundstrokes from different court positions.

All players start on the service line and one at a time they get fed a ball. If they hit the ball back and it goes in, they get to take a step back towards the baseline. But if they miss or their return goes out, they have to step closer to the net. The game ends when the first player makes it back to the baseline. Consistency is key in this one!

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Find out more about tennis games and drills for kids with the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program or find your closest venue. It is the perfect way to let your kids’ love of tennis grow!