Get caught up in the action this clay-court season

As the world's best players compete at Roland Garros, it is a chance for Tennis Hot Shots players to learn more about the game.

It is Roland Garros time, which means there is a good chance your tennis loving child will get caught up in the action!

Here’s what you can expect to see from the players competing at the Grand Slam tournament …

  • Consistency is key on the slower slippery surface of European clay. You’ll notice longer rallies where players are hitting the ball higher over the net and attempting to take control of the point using depth, width and extra spin as their weapons.
  • You will also most likely see them trying to keep the ball out of their opponent’s strike zone (their comfortable hitting position). As the playing surface is much slower, you might see players moving around the court and utilising their big forehands and backhands, for instance.

Clay court players are typically described as ‘counter punchers’, have your child look out for the following characteristics:

  • Long rallies
  • Points being played behind the baseline
  • The ball being hit deep in the court.

Grand Slam tournaments like Roland Garros often inspire Tennis Hot Shots participants to play tennis even more. So why not encourage your child to get some practice at home by playing the game Marathon Tennis together.


  • Position opposite each other on either side of a net (you could use a line on the ground, a piece of string between two trees or whatever you have around your home), with a racquet each and a ball
  • Agree on your playing area and size
  • Player one serves (bounce hit) the ball over the net to player two
  • Player two allows the ball to bounce once and returns the ball back over the net and the rally continues
  • Don’t forget to have fun!

As consistency is important on clay, this is a game that is designed to reward the player who hits the ball over and ‘in’ the most consistently. Each shot counts as a point to the score, the winner of the rally then wins them all!

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