4 Things Tennis Parents Should Know

For many parents, the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program didn’t exist when they were young. Learning tennis as a child today is very different, so we prepared some info to help answer the most common questions that new tennis parents have…

1. What should I expect from the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program?

The use of low compression balls, smaller racquets and modified courts makes learning tennis easy for small bodies.

Blue, Red, Orange and Green are the four stages of ANZ Tennis Hot Shots that help to develop children’s skills and confidence. Each stage uses different sized equipment which increases in size as the child gets older. Children are taught by qualified Tennis Australia coaches, and are encouraged to progress at their own pace, moving on to the next stage only when they are ready.

2. How should I enrol my child in tennis?

There are two easy ways to enrol your child in tennis lessons with a qualified coach:

Both are great ways to get your child started learning the game of tennis, though each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Generally, your child will improve quicker with a regular private lesson each week, though these lessons can be costly and lack the social engagement that group lessons provide. That said, your child will also see significant improvement through group classes and outside play with family and friends. Group lessons can bring an extra aspect of fun to play, while also driving strong tennis skills growth. The best way is to ensure your child – whether in private lessons or group instruction – is being taught by a qualified tennis instructor.

It comes down to how much your child loves the game and also your budget.

3. How early should I get my kid involved in competitions?

If your child has undertaken at least two terms of tennis coaching, there’s no doubt that they will be interested in taking part in fun competitive matches. If competitive play becomes too serious, it can put a lot of pressure on your child so try and keep the emphasis on having fun rather than winning.

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots has a Match Play program perfectly suited to introducing kids to competitive tennis play, while also focusing on fun. This program is best suited for kids aged 8-12 years old (Orange and Green stage of play in the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program).

The basic tenets of Match Play from ANZ Tennis Hot Shots are as follows:

  • Friendly competition
  • Everyone should receive a prize
  • Encourage your child to play with teams made up of kids of both genders
  • Kids should be allowed to play many matches and not be knocked out of the competition if they lose.

4. What can tennis clubs offer children?

A well-organised, child-friendly tennis club will be able to accommodate young kids with coaching, group lessons, supervised competition, skills awards and events for family and friends.

The tennis club is one of the few places where the whole family can spend plenty of quality time together. A quality tennis club will offer plenty of opportunities for parents and children to play together.

Find out more about ANZ Tennis Hot Shots. Or find your nearest ANZ Tennis Hot Shots venue.