You can now get started playing ANZ Tennis Hot Shots with a free trial! Have some questions about the offer? Take a read through some of our FAQs below.

What is a free trial?

A free initial session of ANZ Tennis Hot Shots!

Who can sign up for a free trial?

Any child who is new to ANZ Tennis Hot Shots! If your child previously hasn’t been enrolled in an ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program they are eligible for the free trial.

Parents in NSW can take advantage of the Active Kids initiative NSW Government to get $100 off ANZ Tennis Hot Shots lessons. To find out more, follow the link.

How do I sign up for a free trial?

Search for your nearest ANZ Tennis Hot Shots venue. Find your preferred coach then click the “Sign Up for a Free Trial” button. You then need to complete a form which will be sent to the coach who will contact you within 48 hours. Otherwise you can call them directly using the phone number listed next to their name.

When does the free trial take place?

Have a chat to your preferred coach about a time that suits you both

Why does it say “register interest” next to my preferred coach, not “sign up for a free trial”?

Not all venues offer the free trial. However you can still enrol your child in the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program with these coaches. Simply register your interest in their program by clicking the “register interest” button

Why are there no coaches in my area who offer the free trial?

The ANZ Tennis Hot Shots free trial is available at participating venues only. Please let us know if there is a coach in your area that you’d like to offer the free trial by emailing us at [email protected]

Is the free trial offer available for ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Match Play or Community Play programs?

No, the free trial offer is just available for ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Coaching programs

What do I do after my child has had their free trial?

Hopefully your child will have loved their free trial and will want to continue with ANZ Tennis Hot Shots. Have a chat to their coach about enrolling them in ANZ Tennis Hot Shots for the rest of the term. You can then head back to this website and officially register them as an ANZ Tennis Hot Shots participant to receive heaps of cool benefits.