5 tips to hit the court like Daria Gavrilova

Daria Gavrilova; Getty Images

With her beaming smile and bubbly personality, Daria Gavrilova has quickly become a fan favourite.

The 23-year-old from Melbourne recently rose to a new career-high ranking of No.21 and is now Australia’s top-ranked woman.

Standing at only 166 centimetres, Gavrilova is one of the smaller professional players – but she does not let this stop her from achieving her tennis dreams. It is an important reminder that you don’t need to be the tallest or strongest to become one of the world’s best.

That is one of many lessons your child could emulate to be just like this Australian star…

Get a cool nickname: Daria Gavrilova is known as Dasha, which is fitting considering how fast she moves on court. Why not encourage your child to embrace a tennis-related nickname of their own!

Wear a visor: Being sun smart is important on court, so Dasha always wears a visor to protect her face from the sun.

Daria Gavrilova; Getty ImagesEat healthy: Dasha knows it is important to eat healthy to have maximum energy when she plays. She loves cooking and even runs her own food-inspired Instagram account (check out eatlikeanathlete). It is her way of making nutrition fun, so why not be inspired by some of her very own creations.

Make friends: Dasha is one of the most popular players on tour and always tries to be friendly with the other players. She discovered tennis was a great way to make friends when she began playing as a six year old. “I started to really enjoy my tennis at a young age because I played with my friends,” she explains.

Paint your child’s nails: This tip might not be for everyone, but Dasha is a fan of going on court with cool nail art. When she represents Australia she likes to put green and gold nail polish on to show her Aussie pride.

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Daria Gavrilova and Thanasi KokkinakisGavrilova became an ambassador of the program earlier this year to encourage more kids to play tennis.

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