5 Tennis Activities for Adults and Kids

Is your child enjoying ANZ Tennis Hot Shots lessons so much that they want to play as much as they can? You can help encourage them to develop their skills in many different ways, even when you don’t have time to take them to a nearby court. These simple yet effective activities are options:

Throw and catch

Hand-eye coordination is important in tennis – and there are ways to improve this even without a racquet. Simply throwing a tennis ball back-and-forth is a great activity that helps improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills. The best part is it can be done anywhere, from waiting for a bus to watching television.

Bounce and catch

Similar to throwing and catching, adding a bouncing element is another way to improve hand-eye coordination and also concentration. It might sound simple, but this is a great activity to encourage faster development.

Throw, hit and catch

One person hits with a racquet while the other throws and catches by hand. The hitter needs to focus on controlling the ball, while the thrower and catcher develops their hand-eye co-ordination. Switching it around adds variety to an easy-to-master activity.


Volleys require quick reaction times and to improve, practice is key. Spending even five minutes a day hitting volleys back-and-forth in the backyard can help. The best volleyers have great control, which this activity also encourages.

Bouncing a ball on a racquet

The best practice activities are engaging, so why not grab a racquet each and make a game out of bouncing a ball on them. Who can bounce a ball up and down on a racquet for longer? Adding a competition element helps make learning fun.

Find out more about the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program or find your closest venue. It is the perfect way to let your kids’ love of tennis grow.