5 Reasons Kids Should Be Active

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is a great way for kids to be active

Encouraging children to be physically active develops life-long healthy habits that have many physical and emotional benefits. ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is a perfect way to do this, offering a perfect introductory program for your child to learn to play tennis and get active. With more and more children getting involved, there are many reasons while ANZ Tennis Hot Shots really is a winner.

Being active introduces kids to new activities

No child wants to be bored, so it’s important to challenge and stimulate them. This is exactly what ANZ Tennis Hot Shots will do. It is designed to help every child learn how to play tennis, no matter their ability. It does not matter if your child has never played before or has already mastered the basic skills, as four fun stages offer different levels for children aged between three and 12.

Being active is fun and a great way to engage kids

Enjoyment is key when it comes to engagement, so this is a primary focus of ANZ Tennis Hot Shots. Forget repetition, every lesson is different. There’s many different ways to learn how to hit a forehand and ANZ Tennis Hot Shots coaches find ways to make learning fun. The challenge of reaching each stage of the program adds extra incentive for participants and the sense of achievement your child will get as they progress, also serves as positive reinforcement to foster a healthy enjoyment of being active.

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Being active helps to develop motor skills

Improving motor skills, including agility, flexibility and speed, is enhanced through being physically active. The use of modified equipment in ANZ Tennis Hot Shots lessons, including lighter racquets, mini-nets, low-bouncing compressed tennis balls and smaller courts, makes it easier than ever for children to learn and develop these skills.

It is also a great way to learn social skills

The benefits of being active as a child extend further than just improving motor skills. ANZ Tennis Hot Shots participants will not only learn to serve and rally, but it will also develop their social skills and build self-confidence too. Lessons are structured to be inclusive and encourage participants to work together with others. It is a great way for your child to make new friends. For ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Match Play ambassador Daria Gavrilova, playing with friends is what made her introduction to tennis so memorable.

Skills active children learn stay with them into adulthood

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots not only encourages the formation of important healthy habits in an enjoyable way, but is also a perfect introduction to a family-friendly sport that can be played at any age. Unlike many other sports, age is no barrier when it comes to participation. From three-year-olds joining ANZ Tennis Hot Shots to the seniors still playing decades later, signing up your child could be the beginning of a life-long association with the sport.

Find out more about the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program or find your closest venue. It is the perfect way to let your kids’ love of tennis grow.