Making the Introduction to Tennis Memorable

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is a great way to make friends

Your child might not be able to hit a perfect forehand when they first pick up a racquet – but if they have fun trying, it can be an experience they won’t forget!

That is why ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is the perfect introductory program. It is designed to help every child, no matter their age or ability, to learn to play and most importantly, it is all about having fun!

Australian stars Thanasi Kokkinakis and Daria Gavrilova, who are ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Match Play ambassadors, can both readily recall their first tennis experiences.

“It was pretty interesting,” Thanasi remembers.

“My brother was having a tennis lesson, and I had just come to see him from basketball practice. He was having a drinks break, so I just picked up a racquet and started hitting a ball, his coach then started feeding me some tennis balls and I was better than I thought – so from there I just started playing.

“The coach from that day is still my coach today which is pretty crazy. I’ve been with him for about 13 years.

“I just loved it then, I loved the feeling of hitting the ball, so I just went from there.”

Daria Gavrilova and Thanasi Kokkinakis

For Gavrilova, who is now Australia’s top-ranked woman, her early memories are all about having fun with her friends.

“I was pretty young when I started, I was maybe eight years old,” she recalls.

“I really enjoyed it because I would play with my friends. I would catch up with all of them on the weekends or even during the week to play tennis with them, so I really did have a lot of fun.

“I still have a lot of friends now from when I started playing tennis competitions at a very young age.”

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With supportive coaches and a fun environment that encourages friendships to be formed, ANZ Tennis Hot Shots ticks all the boxes of an unforgettable experience – so why not sign up your child up so they don’t miss out!

Find out more about the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program here or find your closest venue here. It is the perfect way to let your kids’ love of tennis grow.