ANZ Tennis Hot Shot of the Year nominee: Ella

Eight lucky participants will be selected as nominees for the ANZ Tennis Hot Shot of the Year award in 2018.

All nominees receive an equipment pack and a VIP experience at Australian Open 2019, as well as being in the running for the major prize that includes a lesson with ANZ Tennis Hot Shots ambassador Alicia Molik.

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Meet Ella, one of the 2018 nominees…

ANZ Tennis Hot Shot of the Year 2018 nominee Ella Day

Ella, 8, Queensland

Coach: Rod Woods

Club: Woods Tennis, Albany Creek, Queensland

Where do you play ANZ Tennis Hot Shots and what stage do you currently play?

I play ANZ Tennis Hot Shots on Wednesday nights after school at my school tennis courts with Woods Tennis and I am in the Red ball level.

What do you like about playing tennis?

I like that we can make new friends and we have fun together. I love trying to rally with people and trying to win against them.

What is your favourite shot and why?

My favourite shot is my forehand. I like it because it’s my best shot and it’s easier to make the ball land in the right box.

Who do you like playing tennis with?

My coach Nick and my friend Jack who plays tennis with me. Sometimes on the weekend we go to Club Coops and I rally with my mum and dad, or play out on the street with my dad.

Do you have a favourite tennis player?

My favourite would be Roger Federer because he is really good at tennis and wins a lot of matches whoever he verses. I really look up to him.

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Do you have any tennis goals?

My tennis goals are to work on my backhand and make sure that I don’t make my racquet drop down on my volleys. In the future my goal would be to play at the big stadium against a world champion.

What is your favourite tennis memory? 

My favourite tennis memory is when I was the first person to win the tennis medal for the first term this year, I was so proud. I haven’t played any tournaments yet because I’m too young but can’t wait to play in a real game.

How does it feel to be nominated for the ANZ Tennis Hot Shot of the Year award?

I am so excited to maybe be the ANZ Tennis Hot Shot of the Year. I’m so happy and can’t believe that I already get to go to the Australian Open, that I don’t mind if I don’t win because this is already a great award! I feel so lucky, like I’ve already won.

What are you looking forward to when you visit the Australian Open?

To meet some new tennis players and get a shot on the Rod Laver Arena and hopefully walk through the tunnel that all the famous tennis players walk through. I am so excited to get to go to Melbourne and watch a big tennis match, it will be so much fun!

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