Balls, balls, balls. Why does ANZ Tennis Hot Shots use different coloured balls?


The ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program is fun and inclusive for children of all abilities.

It is designed for children from three years-old up to 12, so naturally participants are going to be at different development levels. This is why it has been structured with different stages.

How are the different stages represented?

Each stage of the program’s progressive levels is represented by a colour.

Blue: 3-5 years

Red: 5-8 years

Orange: 8-10 years

Green: 9-12 years

What has this got to do with the tennis balls?

One of the unique aspects of ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is the use of modified equipment to make the game easier to learn. Lighter racquets, smaller courts and lower nets make it more size-appropriate for children, as do lower compression balls.

These modified tennis balls don’t bounce as high as normal yellow balls, which gives children more time to set up for shots and allows them to hit the ball in the correct hitting zone (which is hip height).

The three different coloured balls used in the program represented different levels of compression.

Which balls should my child use?

It is best to consult with an ANZ Tennis Hot Shots coach, as they will have a better understanding of what will best suit your child. As a guide, these are the different coloured balls used in the program:

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots uses different coloured tennis balls

Red: These are oversized balls with 25 per cent compression. These are the lowest bouncing balls and travel through the air slower, making them ideal for beginners and kids under eight.

Orange: These are normal sized tennis balls, however have 50 per cent compression. As your child’s skills develop and they move to the program’s orange stage, they will begin to use these balls.

Green: In the final stage of ANZ Tennis Hot Shots, typically for older participants aged between nine and 12, normal-sized green balls with 75 per cent compression are used.

What about the normal yellow balls?

The regular yellow balls are 100 per cent compression so bounce higher, which is not ideal for juniors under 13. It is best for your child not to use these until they have progressed through the ANZ Tennis Hot Shot program and their skills have developed enough to move to using full-sized courts and equipment.

Where can I buy these coloured tennis balls?

The coloured-range of ANZ Tennis Hot Shots balls can be purchased at most sports stores, or in our online shop. So why not help your child improve their skills by purchasing them their own set of tennis balls so they can practice at home whenever they want!

Learn more about the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program here or find your closest venue here. It is the perfect way to let your child’s love of tennis grow!