How To Buy Proper Tennis Equipment For A Child

Girl bouncing a tennis ball on her racquet

You can’t play tennis without a racquet – but buying one can be a daunting process. The wide range of sizes for junior players adds to the difficulty of the task. Don’t be overwhelmed though – this guide offers advice to make the process as easy as possible…

Buying the correct size

When it comes to tennis racquets (sometimes spelled ‘tennis rackets’), one size does not fit all. Larger racquets are heavier and therefore more difficult to swing. This impedes children from learning the correct techniques and can slow development. Smaller racquets specifically designed for juniors are the best option. These are typically made from aluminium, making them lighter to use and more cost-effective than adult versions.

As a guide, the appropriate sizes based on age are:

Age group Racquet size
Under 4 17 – 19 inches
Under 6 19 – 21 inches
Under 9 21 – 23 inches
Under 12 23 – 25 inches
Over 12 25 – 27 inches

It is important to note this is just a general guide. It is also important to consider height and skill level when it comes to selecting a racquet. The level of ANZ Tennis Hot Shots ball your child is hitting with can also dictate the best fit.

A helpful tip is to place the racquet, with head resting on the ground, beside your child and ask them to reach down and put their hand on the end of the racquet. If they have to bend their arm or can’t reach the racquet, it is a good indication it is not the correct size.

Speak to an ANZ Tennis Hot Shots coach

Still uncertain about what size your child needs? Then speak to their ANZ Tennis Hot Shots coach. Not only are they qualified teachers of the game, they also have a great understanding of skill development levels and can make an informed recommendation. The coach might also allow your child to trial some different-sized racquets, which is the best way to get the correct fit.

Know your budget

The good news if you have a tight budget is that most junior racquets are under $100, with the average prize between $25 and $60. Remember too that as your child grows and progresses through the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program it is likely they will soon need to upgrade to a more size-appropriate racquet. Junior tennis racquets are not a long-term investment, so don’t feel pressure to spend more money than you can afford.

Shop online

The ANZ Tennis Hots Shots program makes it as easy as possible for children to participate in the sport. That means also taking the hassle away from parents when it comes to buying equipment. How is this achieved? Through the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots online store. A wide range of clothing, coaching accessories and tennis balls are available through the store, along with junior racquets. Once you know the size you are after, visit the store and place your order. The added benefit is that you can be assured your child is playing with ANZ Tennis Hot Shots approved equipment.

Keep an eye on your child’s development

As your child develops their skills, they can quickly outgrow their racquet. It is important that you pay attention to their progress and communicate regularly with their coach to ensure equipment upgrades can be made when required.