Be a Home Court Hero!


Think you have to be at a club, school or a sports venue, to be on a tennis court? Think again!

All around Australia, kids are finding ways to create their own courts at home. Lounge rooms, bedrooms, garages, gardens, hallways and even car parks are the fun new place to create your own tennis court.

And even better? You can use all sorts of fun stuff you’ll find around the house – maybe a broom, a ladder, boxes, stacks of books, cushions, some tape or string – to create a court that suits you best.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to size and shape. What matters the most is finding a place and a way to play. You don’t even need to use your usual racquet or ball. Some kids have used paddles and balloons to play.

Imagination is all it takes to participate in HomeCourtTennis, a great new program from Tennis Australia to help kids keep stay active.

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While some kids are already enjoying HomeCourtTennis as part of their school curriculum, others are learning more through their coaches.

The program kicked off with the “Games-making” phase, where kids can create their own version of a tennis game. They also invent the rules and scoring system.

Rules can make the game easier or harder and scoring systems might be based on counting, mathematical equations or the alphabet.

There are no limits, with some HomeCourtTennis players even finding ways to work the names of cities or countries, as well as movie or TV characters, into the score.

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Parents and teachers will love some of the skills you can build through HomeCourtTennis, including creativity, imagination and problem-solving.

And while it’s a great way to spend time with your family, HomeCourtTennis is also helping kids keep moving and establish healthy habits for life.

But best of all it’s fun and easy. So why not talk to your ANZ Tennis Hot Shots coach about how you can get involved?

To join in the fun of HomeCourtTennis, talk to your coach about how to participate and start looking for the best place to create your home tennis court!