ANZ Tennis Hot Shot of the Year nominee: Tomika

ANZ Tennis Hot Shot of the Year nominee Tomika

Tomika, 10, NT

School: Bradshaw Primary School

Coach: Matt Roberts

Club: Alice Springs Tennis Club

Where do you play ANZ Tennis Hot Shots and what stage do you currently play?

Alice Springs Tennis Club, Orange Ball.

What do you like about playing tennis?

I like making new friends.

What is your favourite shot and why?

Forehand because I’m good at that shot.

Who do you like playing tennis with?

With my Nan when we go back to South Australia.

Do you have a favourite tennis player?

Sam Stosur.

Do you have any tennis goals?

To play in competitions.

What is your favourite tennis memory? 

Playing tennis with Nan in the backyard growing up.

How does it feel to be nominated for the ANZ Tennis Hot Shot of the Year award?

It’s so amazing, I still can’t believe it.

What are you looking forward to when you visit the Australian Open in 2018?

Getting to see all the stars play.