ANZ Tennis Hot Shot of the Year nominee: Lily

Eight lucky participants will be selected as nominees for the ANZ Tennis Hot Shot of the Year Award in 2018.

All nominees receive an equipment pack and a VIP experience at Australian Open 2019, as well as being in the running for the major prize that includes a lesson with ANZ Tennis Hot Shots ambassador Alicia Molik.

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Meet Lily, one of the 2018 nominees…

Lily, 9, Tasmania

School: Burnie Primary School

Coach: Chris Chandler

Club: Burnie Tennis Club

Where do you play ANZ Tennis Hot Shots and what stage do you currently play?

I currently play every Wednesday and Saturday at the Burnie Tennis Club and this year I have been playing in the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Orange Match Play where I participate in singles then a doubles game.

What do you like about playing tennis?

I enjoy playing with my friends and family and love being outside.

What is your favourite shot and why?

Forehand because it’s my strongest stroke and I can get lots of power with my swing.

Who do you like playing tennis with?

My friend Paige and I began playing tennis together in kindergarten and we have so much fun when we play doubles together. We can’t wait for school to finish so we can play.

Do you have a favourite tennis player?

I have many, but I really like Serena Williams because she has won so many tournaments. She is amazing to me.

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Do you have any tennis goals?

I would love to compete one day when I’m older.

What is your favourite tennis memory? Have you attended any tournaments?

The day mum told me I won this competition and I didn’t really understand how amazing it was. I went to the Burnie International with Mum and watched the woman’s finals – they were really really good.

How does it feel to be nominated for the ANZ Tennis Hot Shot of the Year award?

I am speechless. I am so excited that I get to meet the tennis stars and get signatures and watch them play.

What are you looking forward to when you visit the Australian Open?

I can’t wait to play with the other seven ANZ Tennis Hot Shot nominees and play at Rod Laver Arena. It’s so exciting!

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