6 Reasons Tennis Leads to Healthy Active Kids

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is all about learning to play tennis and having fun. The added bonus is it also leads to healthy and active kids!

Playing ANZ Tennis Hot Shots will help your child to:

  • Be healthier

Signing up for ANZ Tennis Hot Shots lessons is a great way for your child to improve their overall fitness. Being active also helps create a robust immune system – active kids are healthy kids!

  • Improve gross motor skills

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots can help your child to improve their muscle strength, flexibility and balance. As they run and jump during lessons, the fun and fast-paced nature of the program hastens the development of their gross motor skills and keeps them active.

  • Develop hand-eye co-ordination

Child development is key from a young age. A common piece of advice ANZ Tennis Hot Shots coaches share with beginners is to ‘watch the ball’. As your child learns to watch the ball onto their racquet, they develop and improve their hand-eye co-ordination skills.

  • Get faster

Playing tennis requires quick acceleration, a skill your child can improve without even realising as they aim to reach and hit each shot during a lesson.

  • Advance fine motor skills

Finer movements of the wrist and hand are important in tennis. As your child learns to control their racquet to hit drop shots and angled volleys, they also improve their fine motor skills.

  • Be more agile

Even on smaller-sized ANZ Tennis Hot Shots courts, your child develops their movement range and improves agility with sudden directional changes as they line-up their next shot.

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The benefits do not end there. Your child will also:

  • Develop new social skills

The ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program emphasises the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship and communication – important social skills that can help your child make more friends and become more confident.

  • Learn lessons for life

As your child learns to make decisions and adapt to different situations on the ANZ Tennis Hot Shot court, they are developing life skills that are valuable off court too.

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Did we mention that tennis is a sport your child can play forever? The benefits and lessons that ANZ Tennis Hot Shots encourage help to instil healthy life-long values and habits in your child. Game, set and match? ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is so much more.

Find out more about the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program or find your closest venue. It is the perfect way to help your kids stay active and healthy!