4 Benefits of Tennis Lessons for Beginners

If your child wants to play tennis – that is great! It is a fun and social sport they can enjoy for life. So why not give them the best start possible and enroll them in beginner tennis lessons with the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program.

Designed to make it easier for children aged up to 12 to learn how to play tennis, ANZ Tennis Hot Shots-registered deliverers are also qualified coaches who will make sure your child develops good habits at the right pace.

The benefits of learning from an ANZ Tennis Hot Shots registered coach include:

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Match Play is a great introduction to competition

Learning the right techniques

There is more to picking up a tennis racquet and simply hitting the ball. An ANZ Tennis Hot Shots coach will guide your child on using correct grips and swing patterns, as well as providing tips on stances and movement. This makes it easier for your child to hit the ball – and has long term-benefits too, with correct techniques helping to prevent future injuries.

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Developing tactical awareness

Having fun is the primary focus of ANZ Tennis Hot Shots, but it is about learning too! An ANZ Tennis Hot Shots coach structures beginner tennis lessons around drills and games that will help your child improve skills such as accuracy, consistency and court positioning – all while having fun of course! Through practice, patterns of play and transitioning to the net can become second nature. It is the perfect way to learn.

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They understand your child’s level

Everyone has to start somewhere and ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is great for tennis beginners. The ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program is structured into four fun stages so that no matter a child’s age or ability, there is an appropriate level to help them. An ANZ Tennis Hot Shots coach has the best understanding of what stage your child should be at, so can make sure they are learning at the best level for them.

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Tennis coach teaching a girl how to swing a tennis racquet

They know when it is best to challenge your child

Hand-eye co-ordination and skill development is not a race. An ANZ Tennis Hot Shots coach understands this and knows best how to encourage improvement in required areas. They will also be most aware on when is the right time for your child to move between the program’s different stages. If they have mastered the orange ball stage, an ANZ Tennis Hot Shots coach will recommend they move to the green ball stage. The same goes for ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Match Play, a coach will know when your child is ready to move from lessons to competition.

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Find out more about the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program or find your closest venue. It is the perfect way to let your kids’ love of tennis grow!